Groove Armada ---I See You Baby Sparky Lightbourne --- Where You Goin' Chicken
Sleater-Kinney --- You're No Rock N Roll Fun The Wiseguys --- Start The Commotion

  Groove Armada---I See You Baby / Jive Electro Records
---Reviewed by Catherine Lee

Groove Armada--- I See You Baby Video Still My favorite boo-tey video of the year. So what if this great song has been adapted for commercials! The pleasure of shakin' it on the dance floor and admiring other asses doin' the same - say voyeur, wouldja? The geek voyeur sets up his monitors on the dancefloor, and in the bathrooms for the sexy scenes that take place in all danceclubs (nothing graphic, silly! Hair shakes and primping highly stylized) His giddiness at all the beautiful booty is infectious, and his seeing and singing are truly funny. Next time you want your friend to know you admired the look they're flashin' just tell em' "I see you baby,". Because everyone should have admirerers as enthusiastic as this guy.

  Sleater-Kinney ---You're No Rock N Roll Fun / Kill Rock Stars Records
---Reviewed by B.C. Heathcliff

Sleater-Kinney--You're No Rock N Roll Fun Video StillFrom the CD All Hands on the Bad One . Simple white background performance video intercut with moments of each band member against colored backgrounds. Sleek and uncluttered adoration of each band member framed as individuals and as rockin' grown-women trio. New sound for SK? No wailing vocals, but power pop in song strength.

  Sparky Lightbourne --- Where You Goin,' Chicken / Skint / Sony Music International
---Reviewed by Catherine Lee

Sparky Lightbourne---Where You Goin' Chicken Video StillDo you say turkey-lurkey at Thanksgiving? We do, but there are other poultry posies that I've just added to my bouquet from this song. This animated video was created by Local, a consortium of recent art school grads from St. Martin's College for less than $850 - yeeehaw! Good music videos made cheap! Strong lines via vector artwork, and hopefully-you-have-a-good-monitor- disturbing-colors (there's something not quite right about   that   pastel). Chickens that have not been put through the cute filter go from being to packaged-being with a chorus/question about our direction, "Where you goin'". Or maybe it's just a dance song about chickens.

  The Wiseguys ---Start The Connection / Wall of Sound / Ideal / Mammoth Records
---Reviewed by B.C. Heathcliff

The Wiseguys--Start The Connections  Video Still From the album The Antidote. Great grooves, a singular guitar thrum and a cast of many whip through this video. On a soundstage draped with anywhere-music-hall red velvet curtains, the apparel finery and dance moves of multiple generations are played out: milk faced boy trios in matching velvet jackets clustered around a microphone add the chorus while a dandy in a sharkskin suit adds the chorus shouts from the fifties, while bursts of horn are delivered by young bucks with afros and bellbottoms... Maybe The Wiseguys is the genius of the guy handling vinyl who has a little nostalgia for outfits found in vintage clothing stores and the style it takes to wear them.