Sixxteen @ The Cat's Club The Uptown
La Belle Epoque @ The Top The Beauty Bar
  Sixxteen--- The Cat's Club---Sundays
1190 Folsom @ 9th St. 415-431-3332
---Reviewed by John Kane

1984 @ The Cat's Club

Photo by Catherine Lee

Kiss, The Runaways, AC/DC, The Sweet, Iggy Pop, Motley Crue. These bands and their lifestyles are celebrated every Sunday night at Sixxteen, far and away the tastiest of rock 'n' roll nightclubs, where it's as if Glam and Metal never went away. Each week a large (and, best of all, Yuppie-free) crowd gathers for a night of serious drinking, chain smoking, and debauched living. Five dollars gets you through the door, from there you can choose to mingle at the bar or go up to the main room where a live band (garage or punk style) kicks the evening off. After midnight the main room becomes the center of the action as the guys and gals get all sweaty writhing away to classic (for me at least) songs like Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" and Quiet Riot's "Cum On Feel the Noize." While there's no official dress code most guys go for a rocker/roadie look (lots of black leather, T-shirts, wifebeaters) and the girls get slutted out in tiny tops, skintight pants, and high heeled shoes, with both sexes loving the studded belts. Inexpensive cover, always interesting crowd, phenomenally loud music, what more do you need? In a word, ROCKIN'.

  La Belle Epoque--- The Top---Saturdays
424 Haight @ Webster St. 415-864-7386 ---Reviewed by Dom Somera

The Top

Photo by Dom Somera

For over two years and running, La Belle Epoque has been bringing jazzy, atmospheric and melodic drum ‘n bass to the City’s Lower Haight and has solidified it’s place as THE place to be for drum ‘n bass on Saturday nights. Resident DJs WishFM, SEA and Mike Bee lay it on with an aural flow that keeps you drifting steadily between a 2-step boogie and a float through inner space. Along with the residents, WishFM (Wade Hampton) keeps a steady influx of DJs coming in from here and everywhere, including regular rotations with members of the PBS Crew, XLR8R, and the guests from around the world. You get all that and a consistently good crowd of urban hipsters, good energy, a ‘blind eye’ smoking policy and efficient drink-pouring - all for only a measly 5 bucks. OR, if you get there before 10, you get in free, get drinks at happy hour prices and get to hear the ‘urban sounds’ of the Fearless Crew (Fiction, Affect, John Paul and Dom Some) during ‘/bay’siks/’, 7-10pm.

  The Uptown
200 Capp St. @ 17th St. 415-861-8231
---Reviewed by Peter Rossi

The Uptown

Photo by B.C. Heathcliff

Sitting in a booth at The Uptown is like riding in the back of Robert DeNiro's Taxi cab. Street life oozes from every portal and darts around every lamppost. But this Mission district bar offers so much more than the desperate ambiance of 17th and Capp Street. The joint is a perfect spot for a beer and a shot after you just dug a ditch or changed your head gasket. Before 9 P.M., the Uptown is nearly nouveau Mission free. The booths are spacious, the bar itself is rugged and homey, and the sofas in the back are broken in and cozy. The jukebox dishes out tunes from Leonard Cohen to The Clash to Roland Kirk to Morphine. The construction workers, grease monkeys, theater techies, bike messengers, and other bar workers all head to the Uptown for one thing: to get good and drunk while humming a favorite sad song. The bartenders are unpretentious... and they know why you're there. They pour strong cheap drinks and offer many tasty beers on tap, pints and pitchers. After 9 P.M. on the weekends, however, forget it. The place gets overrun with the Mission tourists who couldn't get into the Beauty Bar or the Skylark. And while you can't get your nails done or your hair poofed, maybe you can catch Eli who will shine the shit out of your boots for a buck and a few smokes. Or maybe you can catch the Tamale lady who dishes up cheap meaty tamales in the husk.

  The Beauty Bar
2299 Mission @ 19th St. 415-285-.0323
---Reviewed by John Kane

The Beauty Bar

Photo by Rodwin Pabello

Can Yuppies and Hipsters get along? Find out at The Beauty Bar where on a nightly basis the two are forced to coexist in this crowded and cramped Mission hot spot. A somewhat successful attempt to imitate the theme bars of New York, The Beauty Bar offers manicures and makeovers, seats swiped from hair salons, and theme night parties. It's best feature by far is the music with nights devoted to moody soundtrack offerings, girl groups, and hard rocking gutter trash tunes. Drinks are well made and for the most part reasonably priced. Biggest downside to the place is the overwhelming number of Yuppies who frequent it during the first half of the evening. On the plus side after eleven the cool equipped club-goers show and things usually get more fun, if not less obnoxious.