All giveaways are currently on Broadcast (Cable TV) Video Vision
Sunday Nights at 11 pm on San Francisco Public Access Cable Channel 29.

Win Free CDs and band schwag by writing an email when a giveaway is announced on the broadcast show! You must be watching the show to write for the CD we're offering, but these are NOT contests.

Write to and in the subject line write the name of the band or CD for giveaway.

Video Vision will contact you via email to confirm the winners and prizes will be sent via mass media US mail.

Sometimes we get free posters and concert tickets too, so if you want to be on our hot list of free giveaway items then send us your email address and whenever we have free stuff, we can give it away to you! Write us at and tell us what kind of music and bands you like and fer sure you'll get some cool stuff! We don't sell names cuz' it ain't right, but I would love to give away all of the band stuff to our friends who watch Video Vision!