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April, 2005


One of Video Vision's rock tics used to be  that any artist wtih a nod to Gang of Four was an instant video play & positive CD review. Simultaneously every time we were at Coachella and saw another great reunion show, we would guffaw that a real coup for Coachella would be the Gang of Four reunion with all their descendent bands in attendance and it would be GOFachella.

The Faint
Well the guffaw is on us because this year Gang of Four is the most hyped moment we're all waiting for. But we're not traveling all the way from SF to Indio just for GOF! There are other Absolute Artists moving the spirit of Coachella 2005 - the kind you judge a new acquaintance by? Oh yes! New Order. Chemical Brothers. Wilco. Bright Eyes. Bauhaus. Ok, well now you can judge me. Oops..

Back in music video land we would love to receive Gang of Four tribute videos because they don't have any (that I know of)!  I'm sure GOF would love the homage and they can't pay to make one! Let's go guerilla video and see what you can do!

The Bravery
We can't stream all the Coachella artists' videos but use this list to go watch them! Of course there are more vids than what I have on this list, this is just Video Vision personal library knowledge. These are the label issued titles, and many times the label site hosts the streams. There are critics, corporate media and commentators who dismiss music video as a "low" art form, but all of us video makers and curators think you'll be amazed by the medium if you can find the quality ones like these recent works:

The Chemical Brothers ~ Get Yourself High

M83 ~ In America

Tiga ~ Hot in Herre

U.N.K.L.E. ~ An Eye for an Eye

Coldplay ~ The Scientist

K-OS ~ Superstarr Pt. 0

New Order ~ Krafty

Bright Eyes ~ Bowl of Oranges

The Faint ~ Agenda Suicide

The Prodigy ~ Girls

Junkie XL f/ Solomon Burke ~ Catch Up to My Step

Miss Kitten ~ Professional Distortion

The Bravery ~ Honest Mistake

The Locust ~ Listen The Mighty Ear is Here

The Raveonettes ~ That Great Love Sound

Article by: Catherine Lee

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